30 Bachelorette Parties with a Twist

Posted April 5, 2013

Hi again ladies! It’s Stacie from the team at I Do!

Every bride comes complete with an army of awesome ladies who will stand up next to her on the big day. These ladies are affectionately referred to as bridesmaids. And lets be honest, they really are awesome.

What’s even more awesome is that at some point before  “Kiss and Say I Do” day, you will get to spend some time living it up with them all at once- bachelorette style! This is the time that you want to be memorable years down the road. So go out in style. Make it epic. Do something different.

Alright. So. If the Vegas trip comes to a screeching hault because your Maid of Honor looses her mind on the flight, I’ve got some other really fabulous and creatively unique options that can make for an unforgettable day, night, or girls getaway weekend! You may want to “pin” this list!

30 Creative Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Go to a carnival or state fair

2. Disney World Trip

3. 80’s Rollerskating night at the Roller Rink

4. Backyard Movie Night. All you need is a white sheet and a projector!

5. Camping Weekend

6. White Water Rafting

7. Kentucky Derby Party or  if you’ve got the dough set aside, attend the actual Derby.

8. Charter a boat for a day or a weekend. Don’t forget to have a sandbar or beach-side party!

9. Visit Key West, Florida and lay at the Southernmost House pool! It’s quite a view!

10. Run a 5k together and celebrate with drinks after! The Color Run is the latest fun run for all athletic abilities!

11. Go to a concert! Show up and get picked up in a classic muscle car instead of a limo!

12. Attending cooking, baking, or cake decorating classes together.

13. Have a big girl sleep over! Don’t forget the forts, beauty  masks, and pillow fights!

14. Go watch roller derby. Have fun and dress the part! Greenville has a roller derby team! Check them out here!

15. Attend a sports game. Make sure to get on jumbo tron. It doesn’t count if you don’t make the jumbo tron! 😉

16. Be fearless and go skydiving. I promise it’s not scary! I went at Skydive Atlanta before my big day with one of my bridesmaids and it was awesome! You can watch my video personal jump video here if you get serious about it!

17. Rent a beach cottage for the weekend. Rent beach bikes, ditch the cell phones, and explore!

18. Have a wine and painting night. If you’re local to Greenville, we love Sassy Paints (and of course our friend Marion Hodge over at Wine & Design)! However there are lots of places to choose from…

19. Go whitewater rafting!

20. Float down the river in an inner tube. If you’re local to Greenville the Green River is the best river to relax on!

21. Want to dress in white? Feeling a little silly and Greek-goddess like? Why not a glamorous Toga on the Town night?

22. Create your own perfume with your girls. Make it meaningful by having everyone wear it on the big day!

23. Take a pole dancing class together. It’s great exercise and a hilarious time with your girlfriends!

24. Have a professional do everyone’s hair and makeup for the big night out. Do a bridal party glam photo shoot and a boudoir shoot for the bride!

25. Go see a talk show or TV show live!

26. Take dance lessons. Use this time to plan a choreographed dance for the reception for just you girls.

27. Does the bride- to-be-love Disney? Host a night out with the theme of Disney Princeses’ Gone Wild. Each bridesmaid picks a princess to dress as but in a modern, funny, and sexy (but non-trashy) way. Y’all will sure be the talk of the town for the evening. Not to mention it will make for fabulously hilarious pictures!

28. Surprise the bride with a destination bachelorette party! Keep her guessing as to where she is being taken! My bridesmaids did this for me and I loved it! Everything about the weekend was a surprise- even horseback riding on the beach!

29. Pottery Painting- All the bridesmaids could make a coordinating set of dishes or coffee mugs for the bride for her new place!

30. Do a traditional night out but surprise the bride-to-be with a professional photographer to follow the posse around for the evening. All the moments of the night will be captured for everyone to remember!


I hope you’ve gathered some great ideas from this list! Don’t be afraid to be creative and different!

Next time we will discuss how to get in wedding day shape, day-of hygiene, and how to make a memorable toast. Be on the lookout!