Be your own planner!

Posted January 24, 2012

Now I know you’re thinking, “Is she crazy? Why would she tell us to be our own planner, when this is something we would normally ask of I Do and their amazing, irreplaceable personalized services?!” But no. I still obviously want to be your personal guide to the ever-growing and every-changing world of wedding everything. But if you are anything like me, then you like to be organized, and you like to empower yourself with useful and time-saving tools. Enter: GOOGLE DOCS.

That’s right, I said it. Prior to this past month, I have shied away from much of Google’s vast high tech resources and tools, claiming I was too busy to figure out how to really master and incorporate these things into my personal and professional work. Truth: I was intimidated. So much to take in! So many options, and so many choices! Then this past month during a client meeting with one of my lovely June brides, she mentioned the customized Google docs just for wedding planning. I knew I had to check things out, ASAP. I went home and investigated, and immediately declared to the hubs that it was as if they designed these JUST FOR MY COMPANY! Even the color scheme was a match. But I digress.

Google teamed up with Style Me Pretty (a site I frequent for inspiration) to develop these features, and have outdone themselves! You can use the Address Book tool, and it has a form that you can email to guests to get their proper address! I know what a chore it can be to hunt down everyone and ensure you have the most up-to-date contact information for them (and you don’t simply do it once for your wedding—it keeps popping up for Christmas Cards, housewarming parties, New Year’s or Superbowl bashes, baby showers… I wish I had found this 3 years ago!) You can view the responses as a summary or a spreadsheet (which can easily be imported/merged with the template for your Guest List document!).

The most valuable one in my opinion though (by far!) is the All-in-One Planner. Check out the bottom of the document—there are pages for every aspect of your day! For basics, I think this is SO helpful—though everything is generalized, so if you want a customized budget, this really is a weak form to help get the cost details all in order. I love the notes and advice that are put into the forms like photographer, with Pros like Jessica Claire noting things like the following:

“8. When meeting with a photographer, look for a personality click! Besides your wedding party, your photographer is going to be one of the people in closest proximity to you on your wedding day and you will want someone you feel comfortable with!
9. At your meeting, spend time looking the sample albums and other printed products. What you see is most likely what YOUR wedding photos will look like if you go with that photographer.
10. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to customize a package for you. “

ps- check out her site (see pic above). Isn’t it awesome?!

All in all, whether you are a month away or over a year away from your day, know that these tools can help preserve your sanity and keep you feeling on top of things. Yay for Google offering these for free, for the masses of brides, grooms and planners!