Behind the Scenes of the Brand Revamp: Team Headshots Inspiration

Posted April 7, 2015
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I Do is bursting at the seams! We are close to launching our brand new website, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Until it’s ready for you to feast your eyes upon, we wanted to share a little behind the scenes peek into the making of our brand new look.

We can’t wait to share not only our team’s photoshoot inspiration, but also some tips to help you get the look you were hoping for from an upcoming photo shoot- whether it’s a family shoot, an engagement session, or if you’re a small business looking for a new look to brand your own website. One of the main things we can’t stress enough when setting up an important photographic moment is to set your photographer up for success. Pick a photographer NOT based upon the type of pictures you want, but based on qualities about their photos you love- lighting, style, posing ability, and so on. For our shoot, we were blessed to have Laci Frazier Photography tackle the big group shots and individuals for the entire team. We loved the way she worked with lighting, the focus and the casual nature of her portraiture style. As of this winter, she has begun focusing only on weddings—so family and corporate sessions are no services she tackles. *We also had the distinct pleasure of having Chris Isham shoot our in-office team in film, which are also selectively featured on the site. Still swooning over that opportunity, having worked several fabulous weddings with him and knowing the quality of his work! This will be another blog post altogether though…*

We also think it’s a great idea to take time to plan not only which photographer you’d like, but your overall vision. Find images that represent the “feel” you want to achieve, and communicate them to your chosen photographer. One part of our vision was to keep the shoot as seasonless as possible, so that it would look current on our site year round. To achieve that, we tried to wear colors and styles of clothing that would work in any setting. The shoot didn’t look obviously staged in mid-winter, for example, by everyone wearing jeans and dark colors, or chunky sweaters. We asked our team to dress in a palate of stylish neutrals- cream, tan, white & black, mixed in with some dressy denim and chambray, with a healthy dollop of bling on top.

We spent time researching and found a great collection of images that represented an overall theme we were aiming for using Google Images and Pinterest. These group shots were a few we collected from around the web to send to our session photographer for inspiration. We wanted fun, playful, relaxed group shots that showcased our team interacting in a natural way, not a in a formal or posed setting. We also loved the idea that the shots would be outside, not inside in a studio or an artificial environment.

This all boiled down to our exciting new “Meet the Team” gallery. Our team of coordinators are some the best around, and we wanted to incorporate a way for our clients to be able to really connect with the ladies themselves, and “get to know them” before their big day arrives. I Do had a vision for the headshots, as well as the group shots for the new site to be relaxed, natural, elegant and sophisticated but approachable. We wanted to showcase personalities by isolating details such as attire that may distract from the overall cohesive group feel- therefore, we had everyone dress in coordinating neutrals (as referenced above) but not matching outfits. Non-matchy made it feel a little more casual and organic, instead of planned. Here are some of the shots we loved for our headshot gallery inspiration:

Of course, as lovely as these images are, we think they are no match for how wonderfully our new site is coming together! The finishing touches are being applied as we speak, and like a groom waiting for the doors to open and reveal his gorgeous bride, we are breathless with anticipation to share our site with you. Now, because we love you, we will give you a bit of a sneak peek below—but for the full reveal, stay tuned. 6 days, everyone!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.31.18 AM