DIY… hair?

Posted June 15, 2011

I am all about some DIY when it comes to weddings, as a way to save money and personally invest in your day. I appreciate the day more knowing I poured my own effort into it, instead of just money (this goes for home decorating too! Frugalista all the way here). However, when it comes […]


one little pretty

Posted April 14, 2011

sometimes, all it takes is one flower. not literally the number, but the type. You dont need a huge variety to be a showstopping bouquet. Enter the example below, with lavender. LAVENDER, PEOPLE!! I never would have imagined this on my own. I’m sure the color and style of the bridesmaid’s dresses help me love […]


the stuff dreams are made of

Posted April 7, 2011

the entirety of my focus as a wedding planner/coordinator/consultant is directed to ensuring that each bride gets the day she always dreamed of; from the decor and music for ambiance to the food and mood of the crowd (the ones that love to dance are my favorites!) for experience… all of it just so, and […]


pennant style banners: the new thing

Posted April 5, 2011

Seriously, in the last 2 weeks, I have seen more than 3 different photos from weddings featuring banners. I have an affinity for all things typography related, given my graphic design and printing foundation, so these really get me excited! I wish I had thought of/known about these when we got married 3 1/2 years […]


when your dog is more than just a pet…

Posted March 24, 2011

For some people, having a dog is a nice accent to their life. For others, their dog(s) are their life. As I write this, my lovely child-puppy is taking up more space on the sofa than I am, snoring away. Though I don’t think I would want him as a part of my wedding—particularly because […]


spring is here, & lilly shows it well!

Posted March 22, 2011

The official first day of spring was yesterday! Greenville, SC is brimming with the promise of spring and the end of winter, and I am holding my breath hoping thats the case! I am so done with tons of layers, and ready for my flip flops and sandals. What better company to represent sunny spring […]


color combo: burgundy & olive

Posted March 17, 2011

This has been a whirlwind of a week (hence no post on tuesday; I wasn’t just gonna throw something up there without giving it some thought, and there was absolutely no time for any thoughts regarding blogging!), and I have a challenge before me. A bride is having a September wedding, and is thinking burgundy/garnet […]


inspiration: nessa’s wedding

Posted February 24, 2011

My sweet and amazing sister Vanessa got engaged just before New Year’s Eve this past year, and will be tying the knot on June 25th! Time seems to already be flying by, but things are coming together quickly. She kindly asked me to be matron of honor, and firmly indicated that was also NOT wedding […]


current obsession: Succulents

Posted February 22, 2011

For about the past year, I have been enamored with succulents. They, however, are less than enthusiastic about me; the number that have perished under my roof have caused my hubs to forbid any further personal purchases of these lovelies! I learned the hard way that too much attention, and not enough direct sun causes […]


creative invitations

Posted February 15, 2011

Traditional invitations are timeless and classic, never out of style. But with today’s brides expressing more of their personal style in all aspects of their weddings, the more creative and individualistic stylings for invitations have really captivated my attention! Check out some of this eye candy. first up, fun inspiration from KenzieKate; their design styles […]