color combo: burgundy & olive

Posted March 17, 2011

This has been a whirlwind of a week (hence no post on tuesday; I wasn’t just gonna throw something up there without giving it some thought, and there was absolutely no time for any thoughts regarding blogging!), and I have a challenge before me. A bride is having a September wedding, and is thinking burgundy/garnet with olive, and cream. I LOVE this combo in my head… the challenge is that not many people have done it, so gathering inspiration images is tough! You have to be able to play it right, so it doesn’t seem Christmas-y. Below are the beginnings of my research into creating the theme board; I have yet to determine which of the colors will be more dominant (waiting on input from the bride), so there are several options you will see with more or less of one color. I think an antique gold will settle things nicely too, and bring a sophistication to the palette, but again—haven’t put any of this by the bride yet! If you find any inspiration that works with this, PLEASE send it my way! I love suggestions and ideas that could help keep this brain whirring 🙂