creative proposals

Posted November 23, 2011

Joanna from Cup of Jo has an interesting collection of proposal stories to inspire all you fellows (ladies, feel free to forward this on to your significant other, wink wink) over this magical, romance filled holiday season. It’s true—New Years just last year my dear sister got engaged, and so many ladies receive rings as Christmas or Valentines presents… winter is definitely the time for snuggling and thinking of forever together.

Photobooth Proposals

You can’t have a do-over for this type of thing—that guy had to be quick about it, but what an amazing memento to have for the rest of your lives 🙂

and another:

This guy had JUST enough change for his 5 strips, so he couldn’t afford a mixup either! He put them on the refrigerator for his sweetheart to find when they were cooking. That’s way more patience than most guys would have!  Here is the bride’s recollection:

“I had no idea the photo strips were on the fridge until he said “WILL YOU PLEASE LOOK AT THE FRIDGE!” The poor ginger was nervously waiting to ask me to marry him for a good half hour and I was totally concentrated on boiling water and rambling about linguine and had no idea he had alterior motives. Once I looked at the fridge I flailed and turned around excitedly to find him on one knee. He said, “Well, will you!?” and I said “You have to ask in person to make it all official-like!” so he asked (he’ll kill me for sharing this, but I believe his words were, “Will you marry me, my poopins?”), to which I responded with a flail-filled yes and hugged him and danced in place for a good two minutes before he told me we had reservations at my favorite sushi spot. My hands were trembling and the only thing I could think to say was, “Does this mean I don’t have to make pasta!?”
Love the honesty and humor in her recounting—like something I would say, ha! Read the full story here.

Nature-Assisted Proposals

Another reason to LOVE the fall…. If you can’t see it right away, look again: it says “Ari, will you marry me?” spelled out in a thousand  pumpkins. This guy took his girlfriend for a drive to see the changing fall foliage, and swung by this place… such planning! Read their full story here, via Cup of Jo via Cut Paste Repeat.

Next up, Nathan in Hawaii. First off, it took place in Hawaii. HAWAII PEOPLE. Thought it couldn’t get more romantic than just being on the island, but no. This guy goes above and beyond….

Stringing up 200 battery powered tealights, taking his girlfriend for an evening stroll, and then coming across this magical lit up little grove? mmmm. Read their full story here.

Lastly, an incredibly creative one, in that it set a WORLD RECORD. For longest whisper train, that is. The groom sent the message through everyone in the room, to finally reach his girlfriend on stage. Watch the video, its pretty cute—and yes, being the emotional romantic that I am, I did get a little teary eyed. So cute! Full story here.

I have yet to figure out how to embed video (sorry, I had such high hopes myself!!) so please click here to watch it. SO WORTH IT!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!