current obsession: Succulents

Posted February 22, 2011

For about the past year, I have been enamored with succulents. They, however, are less than enthusiastic about me; the number that have perished under my roof have caused my hubs to forbid any further personal purchases of these lovelies! I learned the hard way that too much attention, and not enough direct sun causes them to cease to be. Regardless of the ban, I happily join him on trips to the local nurseries and Home Depot, where I wander off to stare at the amazing variety each garden center offers! The popularity of these plants, which are actually in the cacti family, has spread quickly and they have even evolved into being in many wedding design plans! So behold, in bouquets for those who want a little less “flowery” and a little more modern or architectural feel…

worked in with flowers for a bit of color

mixed with lambs ear, pinecone and rosemary for a more earthy look

the gray/green of the succulents agains the bright orangey-yellow ranunculus, stunning!

the succulents bring a more structured feel to balance the voluminous petals

all succulent bouquet, look at all the colors and shapes!

this bouquet on the left was disassembled and potted to become this stunning more permanant keepsake

I know, all the men reading this are so jealous; well never fear! A beautifully masculine solution to wearing a flowery-ness in a wedding party: succulent boutonnieres!

probably my favorite of all of them!

but they are not limited to the wedding party; they’ve been used in altar backdrops…

as centerpieces, favors, and reception decor…

LOVE the antique silver vessels; traditional and classy mixed with modern and natural

...even a hairpiece embellishment!

There are so many florists out there experienced and willing to work with succulents, and there is no denying the distinctive way they stand out and make a statement. What better time to do this than with all the floral aspects of your wedding that you are investing so much into? Note to husband, if he’s reading: I solemnly swear to not over-love any succulent if I can have but one more chance; perhaps a pre-potted arrangement that I don’t even touch?