DIY… hair?

Posted June 15, 2011

I am all about some DIY when it comes to weddings, as a way to save money and personally invest in your day. I appreciate the day more knowing I poured my own effort into it, instead of just money (this goes for home decorating too! Frugalista all the way here). However, when it comes to hairstyles, I get nervous. I am out of my comfort zone attempting hairstyles on myself. Others, sure! I’ve been known to assist a bridesmaid or two on the day of, and even style the bride’s hair! But myself? Forget about it.

Enter CUP OF JO, a blog I stumbled across while perusing wedding blogs. Joanna Goddard writes this delightful blog about ”¬†fashion, design, photography, bikes & the people I love”. Well let’s just say it went right onto the blog roll, for more reasons than one! Most importantly (at the moment) DIY Hair tutorials for weddings and formal events. A-MAZ-ING. Now, she doesn’t create them all, but is sure to post a great tutorial on how to style each one! And now, I have a great place to point brides, bridesmaids and myself when searching great up-do’s.

The best part: I now have a style to wear as matron of honor at Nessa’s wedding, which I might add is only 10 DAYS FROM TODAY. EEK! Time’s a wastin’ to write my toast…. Below is the style I have chosen for my hair; it almost makes me wish I had luxurious red locks like the model ¬†(anyone reading this remember me in high school? Hahahahaha let’s just say I played with dying my hair… like whoa.)