MOH dress update and Real Wedding: Leslie & Stan

Posted April 19, 2011

First up: dress update. You may remember I was on a hunt for the right matron-of-honor dress a few months back for my sister’s wedding this June; when I got it in and had my friend Kristen (aka body double) try it on for me since I was uber preggers, we were devastated. It absolutely DID NOT fit like the photo—total fake out. It was tight and loose in all the wrong places… enough to be hilarious to Kristen and I. Obviously, I sent it back to Modcloth but discovered it was after the 30 day return policy, so all I could garner was a store credit. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, because that disaster dress was my first purchase from Modcloth, and I was more than disappointed. Did I want to chance it again? Did I have another choice? Josh would have given me the disapproving hubby look for “wasting” money and getting a dress somewhere else, leaving that credit unused… so I hunted. And hunted. AND THEN, BEHOLD!

The “Real Appeal” Dress (yes, that’s really it’s name!)

Reasons why this dress is perfect: a) it’s the perfect shade of coral to go with Nessa’s wedding colors; b) it wears like a dream (Nessa tried it on when she came into town this last week), and has a bit of stretch in the material; and c) layers over the bust in the front will be forgiving to new mommy body—though I’m aware the rest of the shape will indicate a strict schedule of walking about the neighborhood after I deliver this baby, and skipping the extra cookie. Even better, the cost including shipping was EXACTLY the cost of the last dress aka my store credit!! Lastly, d) butt ruffles! I’m not gonna lie, those little ruffles on the back are TOO AWESOME. SO hot. Now we will have to pray that I fit into it like I plan, or it’s back to the drawing board—again.

Now, if you are still reading (kudos to you) I will showcase a few photos from a delightfully pretty April wedding I did 2 weekends ago for Lesley and her new hubs Stan. Sposabella Photography did a fabulous job capturing the day, and then promptly sharing pics with me to show to all of you!