exposing ourselves

Posted August 3, 2011

finding an image for this post was especially challenging. This one seemed to be one of the wisest choices...

…Now if that post title didn’t get you to click and read more, I’m not sure what will! No, sorry—there will be no I Do “nude calendar” fundraising efforts. We are gaining exposure through new marketing strategies, namely that of WeddingWire.com!

I am in love with the peeps over at Wedding Wire; they really know their stuff and are excited about expanding their markets in SC! They are also affiliated with the following sites, so my information is viewable from any of these locations: WeddingWire, Wedding Aces, Martha Stewart Weddings (and if you know me, you know I love me some martha!), Best City Weddings, Celebrations—an 1-800 Flowers Website, facebook of course, and lastly Project Wedding & Weddingbee (both of which incidently are part of the eHarmony Network). Read: I’M EVERYWHERE (but not in the creepy “big brother” kind of way, I’m not watching you. Just waiting to serve!) I feel so out there, and I’m lovin it!

exposing I Do in the heat of summer: Dog Days of summer deal!

Loving it so much, in fact, that I am offering a deal for this month! That’s right, it’s the dog days of summer—and to help get you thinking of things besides this infernal heat, we are giving the first 15 brides that sign a contract during 8/2 – 9/4 a fabulous 15% off their base package! Check out more here on our vendor page at Wedding Wire. If you aren’t in the position to consider something like this, but you know of a friend who is, share this deal with them! Everyone likes to save a little moolah, to save on, say, air conditioning. Or popsicles. Or a pool membership. Or frozen yogurt. Ok, now I think I’m going to have to make myself a fruit smoothie. Can’t wait to work with you!