Favsies: Lighting

Posted November 2, 2015

We recently shared our favorite ring shots from our past wedding. Today in our Favsies series, we are sharing some of our favorite wedding photographs with knockout lighting. When you are searching for a wedding photographer for your big day, consider which of these lighting styles appeals to you—but regardless, ensure that it’s apparent that the photographer of your choice has a portfolio that demonstrates a mastery of manipulating and capturing different lighting styles. Below are several categories that really highlight (sorry, unintentional bad pun) the areas to evaluate, along with examples from past events of each—along with a great gallery of even more to wrap things up and inspire!

These shots are. just. gorgeous. There is no other way to describe the soft, glowing halo of light that streams through these shots. When done by a photographer that really understands how to capitalize on sunset lighting, these simply take our breath away. The light both highlights and surrounds the subjects with a golden warmth. Here are some of our favorite sunset photos:

7638734332_d2aa9c219c_oVanessa & Billy | Duck Duck Collective

View More: http://amyrizzuto.pass.us/jessicaandleythJessica & LeythAmy Rizzuto Photography

11209052156_accdcc5144_z Samantha & ChadSimply Violet Photography

8288420224_8d9a3930bb_zAshley & ScottSposa Bella Photography
(This couple also featured in the blog header image above!)

10965969945_1c0393971c_zKristen & HastingsJ. Jones Photography

Natural Light + Window Shots
Natural lighting from a window gives a lot of great contrast. It has a quality that accents the details, pulling them into focus. One of the best things about natural window lighting is the way it highlights the subtle expressions and features of people’s faces. Photos in this lighting have a distinct intimate feeling, like these:

9729444031_b76e1acf08_zHeather & MikeHannah Woodard Photography

19352705559_ab77029c41_bCourtney & Brandon | Red Apple Tree Photography

18275775553_a714358af7_bJessica & David | Chris Isham Photography

7953064166_c220c01fb9_zMeggan & Brian | Aperture Vision Photography

Nighttime + Outdoors
Nothing says “romance” quite like a dimly lit outdoor shot at night. The silhouette effect of the scant lighting is movie star-esque. Photographers have to be creative with lighting sources to make sure that their photographs are dramatic, not just dark. Check out a few of our favorites (for reference, these photographers used a variety of exposures and backlighting methods to create these lovely images):

8971284065_0ddabb3ee8_zHaley & Kurt | Jennifer Stuart Photography

9257036536_b60d8b9dbd_zSara & Justin | Red Apple Tree Photography

8269148451_6360afe7a3_zCharlotte & JoshJ. Jones Photography

9732670062_8e4efd6bf4_zHeather & Mike  | Hannah Woodard Photography

Nighttime + Indoors
Last but not least, we love a great indoor nighttime photo. Soft fuzzy cafe lights, twinkling in front or behind, create an effect that is just magical. And of course, indoor night shots are NOT complete without the fun “crazy light” shot! What better way to add instant ambiance of fun than by capturing the moment in a blur of light?!

8432623573_46462bfd2d_zJessica & Steve | Aperture Vision Photography

13584327925_fc4b658952_zNeely & Andrew | Sposa Bella Photography

10966219743_a6df4a6c47_zKristen & HastingsJ. Jones Photography

9730191253_0e1291d730_bStephanie & Peter | Tirzah Photography

We hope you have enjoyed these images as much as we do. Keep reading for more photos with fantastic lighting in our gallery below, and be sure to follow us on instagram @upstateido so you don’t miss the next installment of our Favsies series!