Hair, hair & more hair

Posted May 24, 2012

Intern Katie, here. In addition to my fun new responsibilities for I Do, I also get to blog regularly about trends I’m researching in the wedding world!

One that has always fascinated me and I always enjoy looking at is hairstyles. Long hair, short hair, you name it, it just has always interested me. Apparently it has for Allie too, as she posted about some fun styles too. I’m sure each one of y’all have that one friend who’s hair always looks perfect and she always has a new haircut, or is trying to rock the bangs, or even a new hair color!  Yes, it is completely awesome and you always say how much you love it (’cause you so totally do) but you also have just the teensiest bit of jealousy because you wish that you could come up with an awesome, creative hairstyle that your friends would compliment YOU on. Well, guess what ladies!  It’s your time to shine!! With the help of some inspiration via I Do’s awesome new pinterest page, you can be that girl. We have a board that is only for great hairstyles —and yes, maybe we ARE a bit obsessed with braids, but how could you not be a little Katniss-inspired? OR have you NOT READ THE HUNGER GAMES?! GO. NOW. Read it read it READ ITTTTTTT. (That official message/interruption brought to you by Allie)

Pinterest is a great way to find fun, new hairstyles and try them out.  If the link doesn’t clearly explain how to do it, then just YouTube it.  One of my personal favorites is the waterfall braid.  It is fun looking yet is surprisingly simple to do.( I actually did a version of it for the last wedding I worked with Allie, and she immediately was asking me all about it. She said I may have to incorporate daily styling into my intern duties—ha!) There are so many different ways to create this and make it your own!  You could do two waterfall braids…

OR you would do a loose waterfall braid and curl your hair, which I think is gorgeous!

OR to give you one more option just do the simple waterfall braid.

All of ’em are gorgeous and simple to create!! Maybe you’re feeling creative and have your own idea about the waterfall braid—you can share it with us! Just post a link or message on our wall on the good old Facebook.