Neon is the hotness

Posted February 28, 2013

Hi everyone!! Intern Katie back and I’m here to get your imaginations going and creative juices flowing when thinking about colors for your upcoming event.

There has been some gloomy weather recently but that doesn’t mean that we can’t spice things up and have some bright colors every once in a while. Neon colors never fail to add a little something something and brighten up your day. As everyone knows, neon colors have become EXTREMELY popular as of late. I mean, who doesn’t own a neon sports bras these days?! I know you do (or will want to go out and buy one right now…) I mean they are so cheap at Target, who wouldn’t get one, and feel pretty hottt even when working out? What if you could incorporate your love for neon into your special day? If this doesn’t have your attention yet, maybe a few bright colored pictures will do the trick!

Sometimes neon can be tacky and a horrific mess, but we know how to keep it classy—NOT trashy! One way to bring in some neon is to have a neon bouquet. In the spring or summer, a bright colored bouquet would catch everyone’s attention and make sure that all eyes are on you.

Another great idea to incorporate neon into your wedding is through the bridesmaids dresses. Have fun and don’t be afraid to mix and match some dresses. Use fun neon colors that work together, but use simple silhouettes. We don’t want to draw TOO much attention away from the bride, because this is YOUR day and ALL eyes will be on YOU! If that is too much, then perhaps you could have simple dresses and have your bridesmaids all have fun, neon shoes. You can even match the bridesmaids shoes with the color of the bouquet like in the picture below!

Not only can you bring in some neon in the wedding itself but also you can pull in these colors to the wedding reception! You can spice things up a bit with these bright colors. Make the centerpieces of your table flashy. Put some neon flowers in the center and maybe some other decorations. It doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly neon, as you can balance the neon with neutral colors or natural elements. Or you can even make the neon very subtle and just have a simple neon dining plate, with little menu accents and bright bud vases, but keep everything around it very clean and simple. We love 100layercake‘s post on neon inspiration—the second image below is from that post…

Why not even kick your theme off when you send out your Save the Dates!

Stay posted for some even more great ideas—like this inspiration board from Allison Sargent Events out of NJ. If anyone can identify with neon, its those kids at the Jersey Shore…

Or glam it up with some Gold worked into the neon colors…

Now if all that doesn’t get your wheels turning, I don’t know what will! If Neon is too overwhelming for your big day, but you love the feel, why not have it as part of a bachelorette party… or a bridal luncheon? Way to kick things up a notch!

Itching to incorporate some affordable brightness into your life now? How about some of these yummies…
Neon braided statement necklace, Etsy
Neon infinity scarf, Mossimo for Target (comes in 5 bright colors!)
Neon Toe Ballet Flat, Forever 21