Real Wedding: Heather & David

Posted January 8, 2014

View Point at Buckhorn Creek was bustling with wedding day activity on a October Saturday.  The bride and groom were tucked away, cozy inside and enjoying the final minutes of singledom with their respective attendants. An overcast sky threatened to bring on the rain. With less than a half hour until ceremony time and guests quickly arriving, the couple had a decision to make.  Should the rain plan be put into action? Despite forecasts that gave little concern with their “10% chance”, the rain had indeed begun to fall. Guests gathered under umbrellas and corners of the patio for cover. The couple remained steadfast and secure in their original plan. They would move forward with saying their vows as intended, underneath a tree in the field.

“We have a break in the rain in 10 minutes.”  With this news, the next little while was non-stop action!  Groomsmen ushering guests outside to seats, wedding parties lining up, music beginning (the violinists — friends of the couple, Sarah and Emma Lyons, had come under cover, to avoid the rain as well), the minister preparing for communion, everyone drying seats, and — incredibly — the rain, finally, coming to a complete halt.

None of us could have planned the perfection that was the setting of their ceremony.  Leaves of every red, yellow, orange and brown spotted the rolling hills in all directions meeting a cool, blue gray sky. A quiet breeze, rays of light peeking through the clouds, the freshness and purity of nature in the still moments right after a rain. Rimes McElveen of Furman University gladly led the couple through their vows, as well as sharing of communion with the entire congregation.  Truly, Heather & David, your ceremony took our breaths away. Absolutely beautiful.

The fantastic photographer,Haley Sheffield, spent the next hour capturing the wedding party—exuberant post ceremony—as they laughed, frolicked, and celebrated in the fields at VP  (can you imagine the fun?!).  Meanwhile, guests moved into a happy cocktail hour on the patios, many eagerly making use of the Oh Snap! Photobooth, complete with mustache options and more. Who doesn’t love a photobooth session with all of your closest friends stuffed into a 3×3 foot space?!?

Rustic farm tables (by Professional Party Rentals) were adorned with gorgeous pieces by Statice Couture Florals and Event Design.  Seriously… I’m pretty sure that no table had the exact same combination of glass, metallic and natural colored vases and containers filled with fresh ferns and flowers. Holmes Catering and Strossner’s took care of the menu and desserts—pies, pies, and more pies! Check out the mouthwatering display in pictures.

The highlight of the night had to be the Wynn’s unique surprise for guests: a contra dancing lesson!  The West End String Band entertained the lively crowds throughout the night, but also teamed up with Contra caller Charlotte Crittenden to get the crowd on their feet, dancing, spinning, laughing, and changing partners. It is quite the contagious activity, we learned, as few did NOT join in on the fun. When the band announced that the next song would be contra, there were literally guests YELLING across the venue (telephone style) to their friends to make it to the dance floor.  And, let me tell you, they RAN in suits and fancy dresses. Hot coffee, cider, blankets, and a warm fire offered respite for those in need of a moment of rest.

The sweet exit was amidst sparklers and the Wynn’s many friends and family that had spent the day celebrating the new couple.