Real Wedding: Kirsten & Justin

Posted February 6, 2012

So these next few posts are long overdue; they are weddings that happened in 2011. Often it can take the photographer a while to get images my way, or it can take me a while to even request them depending on what’s going on here on the home front of managing accounts and attending to each client. That said, this wedding is the most delayed in being presented, since it was March. I wasn’t able to get many images, but as you can see from the ones I do have to share below: it was an AWESOME party.

The photographers were Project Duo out of Atlanta, 2 incredibly sweet gals that were a dream to work with! The entire event, ceremony and reception, was held at Zen here in Greenville. I love working with their team and the venue—its modern, industrial, and has so many high tech amenities as well as gorgeous lounge furniture that can be utilized for every event. After almost a year, it is still one of the best parties I had the opportunity to take part in this past year! The bride and groom were a dream to work with; so relaxed and cool—it was a cakewalk from beginning to end (thanks in part of course to the vendors they chose!) Congratulations, Kirsten & Justin—and happy (early) anniversary, too!