Suit Up: Men’s Wedding Attire Trends {Navy & Burgundy}

Posted January 9, 2017

Between focusing on the perfect wedding dress and the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, brides have to give the groom and groomsmen a little bit of the “big day” spotlight. Let’s be honest, though—the men are wearing the suits, but the bride is the one who chooses them! Why not choose a suit that the groom and groomsmen will actually want to wear? To the bride who doesn’t desire the common grey and tan options, here is a change-up! Groomsmen attire trends for this 2017-2018 wedding season are expanding upon the classic navy suit; changing it up just a bit so that it feels unique, while not straying too far beyond a classic look. Using a navy suit as a basis for styling groomsmen is worthy of any brides approval: the classic bride, the vintage bride, and the daring bride.

For a classic bride, choosing a navy two-piece suit for the groomsmen is a must, and adding a grey and navy plaid vest will set the groomsmen’s suits apart, without deviating too far from a classic navy suit. This suit will capture the simplicity that a classic bride is going for, while still allowing the groomsmen to look unique!


Vintage brides tend to be a little more relaxed when it comes to what they want the groomsmen to wear, which means that a three-piece suit is the greatest option! For every vintage bride there’s a vintage groom right alongside her, and all vintage grooms would ask, “who needs a jacket?” Dissing a jacket is never a bad thing, especially if the groomsmen wear a navy pant and statement vest combo. Missing a jacket means that the details are even more important, so a vintage groom might consider adding a burlap tie or a colorful handkerchief to complete his look.

A daring bride tends to have an extraordinary style, so her groom should reflect that, too! Since grooms don’t usually keep up with the latest trends, they may not feel comfortable with going all out, but Winter’s new color palette adds burgundy to the mix! We’re not just talking about burgundy accents, either. We’re talking about going all-out burgundy; jackets, pants, and vest. This makes a statement and keeps things classy but trendy—after all, there’s nothing more appealing than seeing your man in a high-fashion suit and owning that look.

Check out our recent Pinterest favorites for more burgundy & navy inspiration:







You can’t resist inspiration from celebrity heartthrobs, such as Zac Efron—always looking classy in a burgundy suit!


“Hey girl, do you know what this navy suit is made out of? Groomsman material.” -Typical Ryan Gosling


And of course, the original icon of the famous burgundy suit. We just couldn’t help ourselves.