The Death of the Mason Jar: A Series

Posted November 19, 2013

don’t lie to yourself—part of you wants to do this when you see ’em too.

If you are a bride, work in the event industry, or even simply have a Pinterest account, you probably feel as though you’ve been hit upside the head repeatedly with a mason jar. I first noticed this trend almost three years ago. This came as a great option for brides, falling into the trending rustic look and proving extremely cost-effective on the ole wallet. And let me tell you, it hit the wedding world HARD. What could possibly be an easier DIY project than creating your own centerpiece, favor, etc. out of these inexpensive, timeless glass jars?!? Here at I Do, we try to keep it real. We don’t sugarcoat things, and tell you like it is. So, people, I’m here to give it to you straight: the trend is over.

The industry as a whole has weighed in: the mason jar is dead.

With that being said, we want to revive this overworked look. The rustic/hobo chic/vintage/hipster/bohemian genre is still extremely popular (I mean just take a look at stores like Anthropologie or Free People). If you have been to a wedding in the past 2 years, there’s a good chance it was a hipster wedding. Not sure? Let this infographic help you decide (click on image for full size viewing):

Now, let’s breathe new life into your decor plans (especially for those of you looking for the rural/country or shabby-chic pieces). Important disclaimer: not ALL mason jars are bad. There is a place and a time, and our preference is that using the vintage blue ones is the way to go. If your style falls in this category, you can still weave these tactfully into your layout. Visit some of our Real Weddings on the blog, and see that we’ve done some excellent weddings in the past that you’ll love like Charlotte and Josh‘s in November of 2012. As a wedding planner, I admire new and unique ideas. I also admire the brides who take the time to hand make elements in their wedding. Those little details personalize and separate your wedding from all the other weddings that your friends and family will attend… and TRUST ME: they WILL DEFINITELY appreciate it. Because Pinterest has become the end-all-be-all of compiling wedding ideas visually, we decided to hit the “create a board” button and started collecting some of ideas for you (some of which include a new twist on the mason jar) here. I’ve also assembled a quick guide for your viewing pleasure:

The first thing to consider is the venue. Are you having farm tables in a field surrounded by natural beauty? (If so, check out some of my ideas below!) This look fits really well for weddings in the following places: barns, farms, private residences, ranches, vineyards, outdoor locations, by the water, and plantations. But, if you are hosting a reception at a modern venue like Zen or Studio 220 at the Hyatt, the rustic look will not incorporate very well.

Inspiration—it’s everywhere! Don’t fall for the cookie cutter or run-of-the-mill centerpieces that we all see ad nauseam on Pinterest. Take a walk through your local Anthropologie (which we thankfully have in Greenville now—HEY HEY HEY!). You can even find inspiration in one of their fantastic platters like this one (before you dare to look, I must warn you that you’ll probably want to buy half of them).

We’ve even known brides to pull color schemes from their favorite sweaters (or fiance’s shirts). We all love ourselves a little online shopping so check out some of your favorite websites. Here’s one that I love from Spool No.72.

Warning! I’ve heard brides mention that they feel this look is the “cheaper” way to go. Not so. If you want to do rustic up right, it might take a actually require a little more padding in the budget. I highly recommend setting your ceremony and reception apart by using unique rentals or adding the extras to help achieve this look. A Darling Day must be mentioned here (please take some time to look at her site). She has everything from bottles to furniture to add that extra WOW factor… we couldn’t help but show off just a smattering of what she has to offer below!

Doesn’t that get your decorating juices all stirred up? Don’t just take our word for it! In the next few weeks, we will be releasing a few other posts featuring some local vendors—talented stylists and florists in the area—to show their takes on their perfect rustic wedding styles. You will hear from them how to be ahead of the curve and what to incorporate into your decor scheme to have all your guests’ (and engaged friends’) jaws drop at your event. Keep checking back for more!