The Death of the Mason Jar IV: The Final Installment with Modfete

Posted January 16, 2014

It’s here–the ending of our Death of the Mason Jar Series. We have really enjoyed this topic as we know many brides are looking forward to new trends and how to incorporate their styles into their event decor. In fact, Belle Magazine is considering turning this blog series into an article to share with brides—keep an eye out for that!

Bummed because you never read the other installments? You can see them by clicking Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. You’ll also find great examples of rustic done right on our blog (like Heather & David’s wedding).

We are excited to introduce Modfete in this post. In case you haven’t heard of them, this is a new event design company here in Greenville owned by Katelyn Pinner. As you can see, she has quite the handle on the rustic look we’ve been talking so much about.

Here’s what Katelyn has to say:

“It’s easy for people to think ‘barnwood, wildflowers and mason jars’ when they hear ‘rustic’ perhaps because that’s what comes easiest in the DIY world. But I believe that you can take found, thrifted and borrowed elements to a new level by just altering your method. Start with a neutral palette and bring in several focal colors. Whites used en masse create a beautiful statement with any theme. We used many versions of white in the flowers, rope elements, driftwood and dinnerware [take a peek at the photos taken by the talented Chris Isham]. I then found the silvery blues in thistle and eucalyptus, wood grain and linens. The peachy tones I brought in with stock and spray roses, but also pulled them out of the glow from the lit candles and tarnished silver. This approach can be used with any color palette. Your guests may never know which silver elements are antique family heirlooms or thrifted bargains, but a tasteful mix of craft store fabric, found driftwood or carefully procured rental items will elevate your presentation to the next level. Rustic can be executed in an elegant way, it just takes some out of the box thinking. If Pinterest and wedding blogs don’t cut it, sometimes this means bringing in a 3rd party to provide inspiration and a tangible vision. Though, from experience, the end result is ALWAYS worth it! ”

We completely agree with you, Katelyn! Some of the most unique wedding themes take a little time but are indeed worth it. You can ransack your local thrift shops (where you can find your granddad’s clothes, you’ll look incredible…. anyone?). Family heirlooms are another personal touch to add to centerpieces. Old books or the tarnished gold cups are the perfect addition to this. Remember, you can use multiple textures to achieve a really interesting look. Throw a floral element into the mix and Vaa Vaa Voom- boom you’ve got a look!

Katelyn crafted this style board as an example: Tablescape 2 Style Board. We don’t know who to give credit to for these gorgeous pictures, but we love ’em!

What a fun take on making rustic your own! Now that you are fully versed in this topic, we want to show our appreciation to you as a reader. Leave a comment on Facebook under our post about this blog and you will be automatically considered to win a fantabulous prize. What’s this prize I speak of? A Valentine’s Day arrangement created by the lovely Julie Dodds (of WillowFlorals). Pretty awesome, right?!?

One last word: goodbye, sweet, mason jar.