The Death of the Mason Jar: Part II with Willow Florals

Posted December 5, 2013
photo 2


As you might have read, we are abolishing the overuse of the mason jar in weddings… and events in general for that matter. If you missed it, you’ve gotta check out the first part of this series here. But just a quick recap—we want to update this look. Not just a facelift, I’m talking about a full-on body nip/tuck. We’ve reached out to some of Greenville’s most talented event design vendors to let you see all kinds of perspectives and ideas on the subject.

My speech teachers in college always used to say about the message you convey that “you gotta make it stick.” This is applicable in planning your wedding—you want to really leave an impression. Brides don’t want guests to go home and never remember what their centerpieces looked like (those precious centerpieces that they made by hand and toiled over for months… or spent a small fortune on getting professionally created). By the same token, no bride EVER wants to have people walk away thinking the decor was terrible, or just run of the mill; not the impression you want to leave at all! We want to provide your friends and family with a plethora of fabulosity (yes, I just made up that word, and I am gonna OWN it). You get it, and so do we. We want to have all kinds of eye-pleasing beauty thrown at guests. They should leave gushing over how delightful everything looked.

Enter our first floral designer: Julie Dodds, of Willow Florals. She is one of those talented florists who can bring on the “sticky.” She truly does a remarkable job every time. Not only is she a qualified expert in this particular area, she is also one of our favorite vendors to work with. She’s offered her thoughts (complete with lovely photos) on how to replace the mason jar in a unique and interesting way.

Wooden Boxes—you can purchase/build your own boxes to hold flowers or personal decor. Boxes are also an economical way to go, much like the mason jar. Julie brilliantly suggests staining or painting the boxes to give them some pizzazz (and who isn’t loving the Annie Sloan chalk paint these days?). We even had a bride this past summer DIY some painted boxes with surprisingly realistic faux floral to create a very elegant centerpieces—check out our post on her day, and see a shot of it below. Disclaimer note: she did use mason jars in her wedding as you can see. But ONLY for preset water glasses, and had darling paper straws that were striped in the one of the colors of her wedding (gray and white, in this case).

Using a mixture of different sized boxes, with coordinating paints or stains looks fantastic. I like the old wine boxes and crates myself. Julie has provided us with some great photos of her work for your viewing pleasure, like this stunner.

Mercury glass hobnail vases—what a way to mix all kinds of textures into your decor scheme. This particular knotted vase also adds a bit of elegance with a splash of glam and a lot of old fashioned character, making the perfect decor cocktail. Julie proposes that you snazz up your gift table or cocktail table with these. Hobnail vases mix well with tin containers, too.

Birch—LOVE! This is such a great addition if you are incorporating a rustic and natural feel in your wedding. Play the mix and match game with these using a variety of sizes and shades of color. You can strategically place these around your reception to dress up the bar or buffet. Or, you can place them on tables as a part of your centerpieces. If you want to put them out for the ceremony, they make great aisle runners! I found a genius blog called Coordinately Yours by Julie Blanner. For all of you DIY brides, she teaches you how to create these yourself. I particularly love these under a fun runner (such as moss). Another huge advantage to using this is that you can have a full bouquet of flowers (like Julie Dodd’s below) or just a few stems (like Julie Blanner’s winter centerpiece below). As you can see, it works both ways.

Another clever idea that Julie mentions is assorting vases with simple stems to achieve this look. She even includes monkey grass in the photo below. Talk about an easy-peasy way to decorate. I’ve seen this done a variety of ways. You can put a few down for a nice clean look or you can mix tall glasses vases with short and medium glass vases. Pretty much, envision a “sexier” version of the mason jar concept. You can use bottles or clear/brown/blue glass. Sticking these in a wooden box (like the one shown above) looks SO gorgeous as a centerpiece. Admire another of Julie’s magnificent creations:

Don’t feel limited to one idea or the other. You can blend a couple of these together or all 4. Your guests will not be bored visually the entire night! In fact, each table could have a different variation. I’m sure this whet your appetite so to hold you over until the next post, make your way over to our Pinterest board Rustic Wonder… because of course we have started a handy-dandy compilation of these and more ideas for you! Go immerse yourselves in the fabulousity.