The Long and Short of It: Choosing your dress for the Big Day

Posted March 11, 2015

We’ve just seen awards season in Hollywood- who wore it best, who’s wearing who! and eeeek- who wore it worst?! Tis the season to look fabulous, and so sorry to our males with style, but the gowns are really the most exciting part of the fashion. Here at I Do, we are so lucky to be on the front lines of our very own “Oscars” each time a couple invites us to be part of their day. The excitement, the planning, the build up- it’s a big moment worthy of it’s own red carpet! The bride, of course, is always the “Best Dressed”. But where would any best dressed be without her supporting cast? Her bridesmaids are there to fluff, smooth, curl and tuck on a moment’s notice. They are there lend a hand and and give their hearts as they celebrate with her the most special moment of her life. The bridesmaids dresses are truly an extension of the bride herself- she casts her vision for her day and carefully, thoughtfully chooses the gowns for her maids that showcase the ladies, and ultimately allow her to shine even brighter.

We love that these gorgeous gals are so perfectly complementary to the theme of the day. In fact, we love that we see a trend of brides choosing what they love and what best reflects their personality and taste, rather than letting “rules of decorum” dictate the styles their ladies sashay down the aisle in. An outdoor wedding doesn’t have to mean casual. If you are more of a chic bride, and want to hold your ceremony outdoors but don’t want to sacrifice on polish, check out a few of these dresses from the I Do archives:

Katie & Chris

Katie chose a gorgeous, deep shade of delicate navy chiffon for her open air event held at Buckhorn Creek in Paris Mountain State Park. The floor length gowns were floaty and formal, which we loved- it pulled the guests focus in from the eye popping scenery to the radiant bride in her lace trimmed bridal gown. Stunning!

Lauren & Phil

Lauren had a rustic, woodsy wedding (not outdoors- but at a State Park!) and chose deep jewel toned, floor length silk for her bridesmaids. It was absolutely the perfect choice and a striking contrast to the nature theme in her day.

Or, perhaps instead of the great outdoors, you love a good formal church ceremony, but you don’t want it to feel stuffy and old fashioned. Gone are the days when you had to just throw up your hands and pick the least boring floor length ensemble. Instead, indulge your craving for the current with a modern, kicky cocktail length for your maids! Check out a few of these gorgeously non-traditional length gowns set in traditional ceremonies:

 Becca & Kyle 

Becca and Kyle had an indoor ceremony at First Pres of Spartanburg, followed by a very chic reception at the ritzy Piedmont Club next door to the church. LOVE her cocktail length choice instead of a more traditional floor length gown for her ladies. The deep color and material made these feel more dressy and perfectly suited to the occasion, instead of being too casual.

Carlson & Kyle 

You can tell Becca & Carlson were good friends, sharing great tastes (and in each other’s weddings, to boot!) Also at the gorgeous First Pres Spartanburg, and also followed by a stylish and elegant reception at the Piedmont Club, we adore these flirty and fun bright coral dresses Carlson picked. They are fun, flattering and set off by gorgeous silver shoes. Great choice Carlson!

 There are also those that do plan their gowns to suit the setting. And it couldn’t look more fabulous. Check out these ladies that selected gowns absolutely picture perfectly matched to their wedding day:

Heather & David

Heather had an outdoor ceremony and chose a palette of airy, ombre palette pastel dresses. If you aren’t drooling over these, just take a closer look and we bet you will be!

Emily & Rous

Short, flirty, bright pops of coral- with COWBOY BOOTS. Nothing could have spelled out a laid back, open air countryside wedding day more succinctly. Emily picked a perfect compliment to her day held on an expansive family owned private property.

Last but not least:

Shellery & Tremari

These gowns Shellery chose for her sophisticated wedding day at the elegant, hip yet historical downtown hotspot The Westin Poinsett were. to. die. for. The soft antique gold champagne color, the amazing structured bodice tucks, asymmetrical necklines and way the flattered every single bridesmaid- they were jaw dropping. We won’t be forgetting this beautiful wedding any time soon!

So ladies, the takeaway here is this: no matter what your choice, or what the mood of your day dictates, your choice is completely up to you. We can’t WAIT to be wowed by the dresses on YOUR big day!