"Uber-Super" Valentine's Day Gift List

Posted February 4, 2013
Many styles can be found on Etsy.com

Hey love birds! It’s Stacie from the team over here at I Do!

I’m so excited to share a truly customized Valentine’s Day shopping guide for guys, gals, and all couples- engaged or married. Since this is a wedding website, let’s “vow” to put in a little extra thought and personalization this year by deciding right now that you will not simply buy the expected roses, chocolate, gaudy teddy bear and “romantic” dinner out to eat (not that we don’t love going out to eat—and Allie will never, ever turn down Godiva dark chocolate… but lets spice things up and get creative!). Until death do you part, right?

I’m going to help get you going on an alternative Valentine’s Day plan. (Can you guess my thoughts and personal opinions on traditional Valentine’s Day gifts?) I must say my husband is “uber-super” for knowing how to do this holiday with style! I don’t think he’s ever brought me roses on Valentine’s Day and that makes this girl smile!  Your special someone is remarkably different than everyone else so why give them what everyone else is getting? They deserve so much more. Not necessarily more money spent, but simply more thought put into their gift. If you already do this, I’m going to go ahead and “like” that.

So without further ado, Here are I Do’s top ten gift ideas for this year’s season of love. We’ve got you covered on everything- except gift wrap.



Personalized Rope Swing

Have a great tree in your yard? There’s something innocently romantic about a rope swaying in the breeze from a branch.  The idea of generations to come swinging on it is enough to make you feel “sappy” inside. Ha- sappy… You can make it extra special by painting your wedding vows/meaningful quote on top (I gave this as an engagement gift to a best friend and they loved it), having your wedding date engraved, or even monogramming the top surface. This is a great gift for married or engaged couples! You can easily DIY or order from specialty stores online.

Monogrammed Rope Swing



Monogrammed Beach Towel

 Married to a beach bum? If not, this is still a great gift. Most honeymoons and many married vacations for years to come call for an extra large beach towel. Monogramming makes it a personal gift that can be enjoyed for all of your family vacations in the future.



Latitude/Longitude Bracelets

These are a great gift for a manly man or a girly girl and all that is in between. Is there a place that is meaningful to you both? Maybe it’s where you first met, or where you got engaged, or even just a favorite vacation spot. Have the longitude/latitude of your special location engraved on bracelets to secretly remind one another of your love.

Many styles can be found on Etsy.com



Hand-written Vows on Dinner Plates or Coffee Mugs.

This is a project for the DIYer. Buy inexpensive plates or mugs from the dollar store or nearby Target and hand-write your vows or even lyrics to your first song on them. Use a porcelain 150 pen and then bake in the oven for thirty minutes. The writing is permanent and the plate is safe to eat off. Use painters tape to keep lines straight while writing.



Cozy Matching Bathrobes

A big cozy bathrobe is a great way to spend a lazy day in your new home or chillin’ in your honeymoon suite. Pottery Barn sells well-made robes in a variety of classic colors. Every time I’m in Pottery Barn I stop and cuddle with these things. Monogramming them adds a touch of personal charm, elegance, and “get your bod out of my robe” vibe. It’s a great choice.



Book an excursion for your honeymoon.

Does your future wifey dream of riding horses on the beach? Does your soon-to-be-groom get excited at the thought of four-wheeling through the tropical jungle with leopards chasing him? Of course he does. Surprise your significant other by arranging the excursion of their lifetime. Best part: they get to share it with you! Win-Win. You’re welcome.



Frame a Blue Print of your First Home

Since I was little I have always had an obsession with blue prints and all things “industrial.” Contact your builder and have them send you a copy of the blue print for your home. Staples can print it at any size you wish- even giant engineer prints for less than three dollars! This is a unique way to add custom artwork to your first home. Try printing it on vintage paper to give it an antique look. It’s a great conversation piece for holiday parties and house guests.

Source: At Home in Arkansas



Dance Lessons

Everyone secretly wants to learn a beautiful dance to coordinate with your first dance song. It’s fun, it burns calories, and you’ll have a blast on your wedding day! (Even if you forget it halfway through) There’s no pressure to be like the Dancing with the Stars couples. Just have fun with it. Everyone at your wedding loved you before you knew how to  attempt the Fox Trot. If you’re already married this is a great gift idea for you too! It’s not too late to boogie down with your best friend or learn a dance to the song you danced together to at your wedding a few years ago. Dancing never goes out of style!



A Cork-Backed World Map 

Love to travel? Print a world map to any size you wish. Then, back it with cork and frame. Use pins to mark all the places you have traveled together. This is a gift that will be special to each other for many years to come, as it will show all the adventures you’ve been on together.

Cork-Backed Map



The first  Item of a New Collection

This is my absolute favorite gift idea, so I saved it for last! Why not buy your special someone the first item in a collection? What is your spouses passion? Photography admirers may love the gift of an old vintage camera to kick start a collection. Fishing enthusiasts may enjoy beginning a collection of antique rods and reels. The best part about this gift is that it gives you an easy “go-to gift” for every Valentine’s Day from here on out. It can turn into a tradition for you both and a gift the other always looks forward to receiving and you look forward to hunting down. Your spouse may know the type of gift to expect but the mystery of the uniqueness will keep their interest for life! Not to mention, this is a wonderful collection to pass down to your future children one day!

Fifteen Valentine’s Later…


I hope at least one of these gift ideas have given you inspiration for this Valentine’s Day! At the very least I hope I helped spark an idea for something else you think would be meaningful. Remember that people love to feel unique and one of a kind- men and woman alike. Valentine’s Day should be like getting a box of chocolates…you should never know what you’re going to get. Ironic, right?

All you need is a meaningful gift combined with a personal touch to remind the love of your life how much you cherish their uniqueness. But since I’m a true romantic you don’t need gifts at all to show someone you love them. However, if you are going the gift route this Valentine’s Day… I know you can be more creative than a bouquet of roses! If you’re dead-set on the roses thing, bring her them when she least expects it. It’s so much better. Guaranteed.

Which of these was your favorite gift idea? Do you have any other unique and original suggestions to add to our list?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our fabulous clients! We love you all so much—check out below: here’s a gift to you!

Just Kidding! (But not about the loving you part!)