Valentine's Day

Posted February 15, 2015

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, striking both fear into the hearts of men everywhere and hopeful anticipation into the hearts of women. We recently wrote a post on our facebook page- I Do– asking for the best or worst Valentine’s Day gifts anyone had received. We intended to do a post about Valentine’s Day, and how fast things can get cheesy, bad and wrong on this much dreaded/anticipated day o’ love (here’s looking at you, one lady’s gift of a half eaten box of donuts). However, one of the responses got us thinking about Valentine’s Day in a whole new way. The commenter responded that she couldn’t remember any particularly good or bad gifts, but the one thing about Valentine’s that stood out in her mind was a small, heart shaped box of chocolates her dad would get her each year. At I Do, we see our fair share of love in the air.

We are so privileged to be part of so many love stories and happy endings. As we approach the national day of celebrating these love stories, our thoughts are turning to a part of the day that may get hurried over in our rush to get to the “main event”- the daddy daughter time. For many little girls, their dad is their first love, their first knight in shining armor, and their very first Valentine. In honor of the very first man to steal our hearts, we wanted to take a walk down memory lane at some of our favorite father-daughter wedding moments on the I Do blog.

Wendy and Ryan

Laura and Jackson

Kate and Zach- this one is a tease- it’s coming soon!

Sally and Marco 

Christian and Travis

Heather and David

and last but not least… one from the archives: I Do’s founder, Allie Barham, and her daddy on her very own special day many moons ago

Ladies, hug your daddies extra tight this Valentine’s Day, and thank them for being your very best, very first Valentine. And men, never fear:¬† you can’t go wrong with flowers and chocolate (jewelry seldom hits far from home, too)!