when your dog is more than just a pet…

Posted March 24, 2011

For some people, having a dog is a nice accent to their life. For others, their dog(s) are their life. As I write this, my lovely child-puppy is taking up more space on the sofa than I am, snoring away. Though I don’t think I would want him as a part of my wedding—particularly because of his still unpredictable behavior and overall scene stealing antics, many couples find that the only way they could ever imagine their day is with man’s best friend as part of their big day. I’m simply stunned at the amazing behavior of these canines, especially those that are dressed to the nines!

though he doesn't look it, I'm sure this pug is simply delighted to be a part of the wedding

tiny. dogs. IN. TOP. HATS.

they just stay leashed via satin ribbon? this is unfathomable to me.

"milliseconds later, what was a 'cool photo op' became a 'treat' well on its way to the large intestine."

… at least that’s how it would read if it were Samson in the photo. If it goes on the nose, it goes in his belly.

not my idea of a wedding day kiss, but hey—to each his own.

I mean seriously here, she looks way too happy to have dog saliva added to her perfect makeup job. And that’s no ordinary slobber; its 150 lb. Newfoundland kiss action.